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Sunday Worship Service

Yes! We are open! Come and join us for worship together.

Each week as we gather together, we celebrate what Jesus has done! It’s a time where we spur each other on to know God more, to delight in Him, and be transformed by Him! We'll spend time in worship, through singing, prayer, and hearing the Good News of the Bible explained for our lives today.

Sunday School: 9:30 - 10:15 - We have classes for ages 4 through Grade 12. (Begins in late September)

Worship Service: 10:30  - 12:00 - Come early and get to know others and enjoy a coffee together!


The Bible
If you have a Bible - bring it with you. If you don't, we have one for you at our church office! Or you can download one of the many free Bible apps for your device. We love the Bible and encourage our people to have it open in front of them so they can interact with it. We view it as our authority and we believe that what God has revealed within it will lead us to true life and satisfaction in Him!