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The Gospel

Gospel is an old word that simply means Good News. But in order to have good news, first there is usually bad news. Here it is: We came into this world born in sin. There was no hope for us in our own strength. But God, in his great love for us, gave us His Son Jesus to take our sin upon Himself and give us His righteousness.

We are called to respond to this by believing in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We believe that the finished work of Jesus is our hope, and we repent - which means to turn away from - our sin and pursue true life found in Jesus!

It’s only because of this that we are saved! And that is why we celebrate this truth often! We do as much as we can to remind ourselves of this story, and not only that, it’s a story that transforms lives! Therefore, it’s a story we want everyone to hear, from right here in Russell, to across the world!