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Recommended Reading

In a day and age when we are so distracted by the digital world, reading can seem like work. However, it is a discipline that can help us immensely in our spiritual growth! Tony Reinke says it well when he writes, “What will we lose if we ignore books? And what will we lose if we fill our lives for the next twenty years with sitcoms, movies, ESPN, video games, and the Internet? What will we gain if we fill our lives for the next twenty years with disciplined reading?” Here is a list of books recommended by our pastor. Pick an area that you’d like to grow, and find one that peaks your interest!


  • Prayer - John Onwuchekwa
  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Jim Cymbala
  • A Call To Extraordinary Prayer - Steve Nation
  • A Praying Life - Paul E. Miller 

Spiritual Growth:

  • Gospel - J.D. Greear
  • Christ In You - A.B. Simpson
  • The Holiness of God - R.C. Sproul
  • How To Grow - Darryl Dash 
  • Don’t Waste Your Life - John Piper
  • Follow Me - David Platt
  • Kiss The Wave - Dave Furman
  • Safe and Sound - David Powilson
  • New Morning Mercies (Devotional) - Paul David Tripp

Evangelism, Apologetics & Missions:

  • Evangelism - Mack Stiles
  • Evangelism As Exiles - Elliot Clarke
  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Nabeel Qureshi
  • Let The Nations Be Glad - John Piper
  • The Reason For God - Tim Keller
  • Tactics - Gregory Koukl


  • Counter Culture - David Platt
  • Take Heart - Matt Chandler
  • Taking God At His Word - Kevin DeYoung
  • 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You - Tony Reinke
  • The Tech Wise Family - Andy Crouch